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Ethiopian Airlines

About Us:

A proud member of African Air Transport Association, African Airline Association and Ethiopian Airlines (sometimes referred to simply Ethiopian). Serving from the main hub Bole International Airport and Addis Ababa to 62 international and 16 domestic destinations, Ethiopian Airlines won The African Cargo Airline of The Year award in 2011, purely based on the convenient and safe services it has been providing to its valuable customers so far. Ethiopian airline is today's one of the most popular and fastest growing airlines. We offer cheap flights to Kinshasa, Harare, Lagos, Johannesburg, Cairo and many other cities in Africa.

How we started:

Backed by the grandeur of governmental support, Ethiopian airline owes a spectacular history of about 73 years.It was officially founded in 1945. In anyear, it started its first official operation in 1946 by making in maiden flight in a Douglas C7. The route which it flew through was Addis Ababa-to Asmara-to Cairo. It is pertinent to mention that the first 5 air planes (Douglas C7s) were gifted to the airline by US government. The first domestic flight which was excitedly and successfully introduced flew to Jimma. Since then this is really a journey full of successes.

Our remarkable Fleet:

The airline acquired a series of Convior CV 240, in order to operate long haul international routes more effectively. The first long haul flight made it through in 1950.At present Ethiopian airline is operating towards its destinations efficiently through following remarkable next generation aircrafts and dream liners which include: Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Boeing 777-200 LR, Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft, Airbus A350-900s, Boeing 777Fs, Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 NextGens, Boeing 787-8

Cargo Fleet:

Boeing 757-200Fs, Boeing 757- 200 PCF, McDonnell Douglas MD 11F All these tremendous and simply amazing aircrafts extended a great help in achieving our landmark and ensuring comfortable and safe flight to our customers who are an asset to us.

Ethiopian Airlines Destinations

  • Cheap Flights to Addis Abbaba £250
  • Cheap Flights to Mombasa £190
  • Cheap Flights to Dar Es Salaam £105
  • Cheap Flights to Blantyre £279
  • Cheap Flights to Monrovia £200
  • Cheap Flights to Ndola £240
  • Cheap Flights to Dubai £330
  • Cheap Flights to Seychelles £205
  • Cheap Flights to Kinshasa £225
  • Cheap Flights to Lome £263
  • Cheap Flights to Kigali £179
  • Cheap Flights to Entebbe £120
  • Cheap Flights to Brazzaville £330
  • Cheap Flights to Accra £105
  • Cheap Flights to Lagos £105
  • Cheap Flights to Bamako £175
  • Cheap Flights to Bujumbura £263
  • Cheap Flights to Djibouti £679
  • Cheap Flights to Johannesburg £567
  • Cheap Flights to Kilimanjaro £629
  • Cheap Flights to Liberville £675
  • Cheap Flights to Harare £543
  • Cheap Flights to Nairobi £549
  • Cheap Flights to Dakar £748
  • Cheap Flights to Luanda £629
  • Cheap Flights to Maputo £677
  • Cheap Flights to Zanzibar £599
  • Cheap Flights to Lusaka £610
  • Cheap Flights to Ouagadougou £669
  • Cheap Flights to Abidjan £709
  • Cheap Flights to Douala £595
  • Cheap Flights to Bangui £847
  • Cheap Flights to Lilongwe £673
  • Cheap Flights to cairo £695
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Economy and Business Class:

In most of The African airlines, there are two classes, the economy class and the business class (known as Cloud nine), so have we. However, we have been moving on with a motive of a ''non-differentiating approach''for our various classes of customers. No matter in which class you are travelling, you would be served with the best of our on-board services.

In order to make your journey an exciting and memorable experience, we serve you with outstanding onboard services, quality reading material, exotic cuisines to boost your taste buds, on demand audio-video services with high-resolution IFE screens, personal computers, wireless connections, and Sheba Miles Lounge Facility. There area lot of things ready to make your journey a memorable, most reliable and comfortable to remember for lifetime.

Recent Landmarks:

Ethiopian Airlines joined Star Alliance making certain agreements with some of the world's leading airlines including Air China, Air India, Egypt Air, Kuwait Airways, Lufthansa, Turkish airways, SAS and certain other which strengthen the airline's bonds with these airlines. As a result, Ethiopian airline now forming strategic partnerships operates its long and short haul international flights more effectively. This affiliation with Star Alliance added a landmark to the Airlines carrier enhancing its popularity many fold.

Recently in 2013, Ethiopian Airlines, renewed its partnership agreement with Travelport, a renowned business service provider, with airlines IT solution business, in order to continue distributing certain products and services, which confirms the efficient and smooth working of the airline. In addition, the airline is willing to establish practical implementation on its strategic plans. Somewhere in 2025, we are expecting to be the Africa's largest and most respected, most reliable and secure airlines and certainly Ethiopian airline is not really far from achieving it.

Contact Us:

Feel free to contact us for flight booking and reservation or other comments or queries as all your critical suggestions are welcomed. Call our customer services department at 0207 993 2895, and you will come across best customer services with cheap tickets to many cities in Africa. We have best deals available for different seasons, so don't wait, call us and get your deal of the day with us.

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